More or less stressful day at work. Occasionally something funny happens. I saw someone had the last name “Nigro” and it made me laugh. What if their first name was “Ida”? Ida Nigro…now THATS comedy! I dont think that was their first name though.

I convinced one of the Pharm. Techs that a customers name was “Fella’ McGuy”. That made me laugh when she put his name in the computer and it didnt come up (obviously). I think his name was Charles or something.

I keep seeing people around my age with children. And it makes me realize that I’m getting older. And everything is changing. Like one day they’re swinging singles, the next day they’re Mom’s and Dads. Some people I remember from elementary school and now they’re on their second kid. And then I wondered if this is how old people feel when they see their friends and family die one-by-one. Like they wake up one day and everyone is gone and they’re like “holy crap, Im old”. There’s an old lady that comes to my pharmacy, she’s 94 and wishes she was dead because everyone she knows is dead and she lives all alone and someone stole her credit card or something and thats how they stole her identity and she had a really hard time with that and she wishes she was dead.

And that was my day. Sort of.


This year my resolution is communicate more with people. Last year I wasnt so good at staying in touch, didnt return phone calls (or make ’em), didnt post very much on my blog(s). But this year I will try to be different. I started by opening a new Facebook account. I was never really into Facebook or Myspace. I tried to get into Myspace but I really just cant. But I do find Facebook tolerable. So feel free to add me, just search by my initiated name and add me as a friend.

Every now and then I have dreams about people I used to talk to but I dont anymore, usually due to misunderstandings that I had with them but I’m over now. I really miss those people and I felt like I was really close with them but am not anymore, which explains the dreaming. I feel a lot of remorse for anything I did to knowingly or unknowingly harm those friends. My aim this year is to try to contact them, and maybe we can be good friends again, or maybe have some kind of closure.
I would also like to be better with birthdays. Remembering to call people at the very least. Maybe send some cards. Mail gifts to close friends and family. Im really truly horrible at birthdays. I just never seem to remember. Or I remember when the occasion has passed many days later. But this year I plan to be better at it.

My husbands predictions for 2009:
After March the international economy will be much better. If you invest in the stock market March through July you’ll make twice what you invested. India and Pakistan are threatening to fight each other but they wont do anything until March. Now is the time to buy a house. $1 million houses will sell for a meager $400,000.

Did you read Part 1 and the Intro? Dont skip ahead, read it now.

For this section I’m providing some “must”s. I will add on to it as I think of it and I will provide I link so you dont have to keep checking back. I will fix some of the crappy phone photos in time.

  • joannMy favorite place to go is Jo-Ann fabrics. Everything is reasonably priced and there is so much variety! My second runner up is Michael’s. Michaels is great for beads and yarn and ribbon but unfortunately no fabric! So I usually head to Jo-Ann’s for my fabric. Whatever little knick-knacks I cant find there, I head to Michaels
  • kdk_0038

Be flexible and be creative! You wont always find exactly what you want and thats okay. For example, I couldnt find my leaf sequins. So instead of throwing a hissy-fit I decided to go with some little oval rhinestones, which I think look even better than the sequins. Originally, I wanted to make sequin flowers, but then I found some rhinestone flowers and they were so perfect! So even if everything doesnt go exactly to plan, its okay. Dont freak out

  • Please dont shop online unless the website is well known and reliable, you are not on a time crunch and whatever you buy is returnable. Because sometimes it looks cute in the picture, and when you get it 5 weeks later, you dont remember what you saw in those 12 yards of swirly green and pink batik fabric.
  • Get more than you need. Its always good to get a little more than you need. Why? you’re going to mess up. I mess up all the time. And having to go all the way back to the store is time consuming and you could run the risk of your fabric being out of season by the time you get there. Usually I get between 1-2 yards depending on the outfit. I know that I could make a whole outfit with about 1/2 yard but again, play it safe. Same is true for trim, except it doesnt really have seasons, but it can run out, so do buy more than you may need. I buy about 4-5 yards.
  • kdk_0031Sewing machine- invest in one and learn how to use it. A sewing machine is a time saver. It doesnt have to be anything expensive, mine cost close to $300. If you cant afford one, thats okay. But it will take you much much longer to sew your outfit. I went for years without one and now I suffer with serious backache.
  • kdk_0034Fabric scissors- A true dressmaker has a pair of fabric scissors that they use ONLY for fabric. I stress this because if you use these scissors for anything else, they will wear down and you will be sad. Save yourself the emotional torture. Save your fabric scissors FOR FABRIC ONLY. I have a fancy pair here that cost me around $50 (more or less, I cant remember) and they last a very very long time compared to other scissors.
  • kdk_0036

Fray check- this is a godsend. You put this at the end of your fabric so it doesnt fray and it’s wonderful. You may or may not need this but I love it and I always make sure to keep a couple bottles. Oh, and no, this is not supposed to replace sewing in the ends of your outfits, you will still sew it in, but your outfit will look nicer for longer if you make sure to drizzle some of this stuff on the ends. Oh and the $6.30 that they show on there is for two bottles, not just one.

  • kdk_00331Fabric glue- aka “liquid stitch” a new addition to my “must have”s. This is for the rhinestones. If there is no way for you to sew it on, use a little fabric glue and its on there pretty tightly, this glue is much better than other glue because its thicker, other glues fail because they dont stick well with porous material. Please dont replace sewing in your trim with gluing it in.That is not what this is for and you will regret it later.
  • kdk_0035
  • Something cool to look at when you are shopping for fabric- check out the sari/brocade fabric. Its GORGEOUS! If you want a fancy look without exhorting too much effort then look no further! Do try to get it on sale or clearance though since it runs about $10.00/yard. Ouch.
  • before you make your dress, do measure your Deites and make a scrap outfit. This way, you dont have to run to your Deites every five seconds to make sure its long/short/small/big enough for Them.

Thats all I can think of….for now…

For some reason, my husband really liked the Deity dressing for this week so Im posting a few pics. I love them, they’re gorgeous. I feel like one of those parents that make you look at the 58764453 pictures of their kids watching tv. But I dont care. The last pics is of the Deities on Sunday, Sri-Sri Nitai Gauranataraj, and one of Nitai specifically so you can see how super captivating He is. You can totally see why I enjoy making jewelry stuff for them, with a sweet sweet face like that, how can you not?! I dont know why some pics are sideways so just turn your head to look at them.

Part 2 of my dressmaking tutorial is coming soon!

Oh, and Guru Maharaj is coming soon! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

No pics yet of my finished stuff but I will post the links to the patterns. I should be done with a set of necklaces tomorrow and another set the following day

I wanted to post about Sunday program and supplement it with pics but I suck at taking pictures. Its not that Im a bad picture-taker (edit: duh, they’re called photographers) but, how do I say this- there are people who take pictures of kirtan and people who participate in kirtan, I choose to participate.

So the ones Im working on for next week is black with green stones and green with black stones. It should be pretty neat and hopefully it will match the outfits pretty well. The pattern can be found here. The other one I have been working on these last couple weeks can be found here. Originally I had been given about 26 saffron colored beads and I wasnt sure what to do with it, this, though time consuming, gives a very beautiful end result. Cant wait to post it.

All I ever talk about are Deities and Guru Maharaj. I need to get a life.

I recently became a citizen a few months ago and Im debating whether or not I should vote. For some people the answer is a no-brainer. For me, I need to muster up as much brain as possible. First, do devotees vote? Im not sure since we dont care much for politics, unless those politics involve closing down slaughterhouse. Otherwise pretty much every candidate is the same.

But then, I am a citizen, and this is my first vote, shouldnt I just do it because it is my civil duty? On the other hand can I really give my allegiance to a particular party?

Everyone says every vote counts- but it only counts if you vote for a Democrat or a Republican. But isnt voting about who you think would make the best president not who is the least bad? Like, what if I wanted to vote for Trivikrama Maharaj? He would make a good president. Is that just throwing a vote away?

And then does my vote REALLY matter? After all, in America its all electoral, a person can win the populous vote but by state it could be someone else. And it depends on the elector, for example, if one state votes more democrat than republican the elector of that state has the right to say the state is republican even though its not. At least thats what they told me in my US Government class. At least, I think thats what they told me. This is so hard!

New jewelry pic with pattern tomorrow

Because Im crazy, thats why. And Ive decided to start blogging regularly again. And I had no idea people actually read this thing. I know, its like watching a car collide with a truck- devastating but you cant look away.

I’ve also decided that Im going to make this blog about everything in my life and not just about Krishna Consciousness. I have a lot going on and I would have to make far too many blogs to keep up. Im not using my LiveJournal account anymore, that was my old life, and this is my new one.

The biggest reason I am posting and not sleeping is because I would like to show off some tiggity-tight stuff I made for the temple Deities- Sri-Sri Nitai Gaura-natraj. First I will show off some neat fans I made for the turbans, I made four of each type:

they were fun and easy. I gotta say, of all the things I love about christmas- ribbon shopping is one of the best parts, you gets some gorgeous patters for ridiculously cheap. I bought these for my own Deities since January but I had so much left over I thought, “why not give some to the temple?” so I did. Well, I am. My favorite is the plaid one because, well, its plaid. Who doesnt love a plaid turban fan?

The next is a necklace I made. Its kinda small, which worries me. But as long as the Deities wear them, Im okay. Its quite gorgeous and it took a while to make:

To be honest, this pic doesnt do it justice. I’m too tired to find the camera so I snapped these pics with the Photobooth thingy on my Macbook. But its cute, I promise. If you’re interested in the pattern, I found it here. I made a bunch of other jewelry for the Deities, but they’re not so fancy. Maybe if I see them wearing one of my “creations” I take a pic and show y’all.

Okay. Im going to sleep (maybe). I gotta wake up early and start sewing some new outfits for my Deites. I keep going to Jo-Ann’s and buying expensive, fancy fabric because its 40% off. Krishna, I am such a sucker.

Edit: for the pattern I mentioned, she posts what she made but if you scroll down a bit she give a really nice, clear pattern.

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