Random Announcement

This year my resolution is communicate more with people. Last year I wasnt so good at staying in touch, didnt return phone calls (or make ’em), didnt post very much on my blog(s). But this year I will try to be different. I started by opening a new Facebook account. I was never really into Facebook or Myspace. I tried to get into Myspace but I really just cant. But I do find Facebook tolerable. So feel free to add me, just search by my initiated name and add me as a friend.

Every now and then I have dreams about people I used to talk to but I dont anymore, usually due to misunderstandings that I had with them but I’m over now. I really miss those people and I felt like I was really close with them but am not anymore, which explains the dreaming. I feel a lot of remorse for anything I did to knowingly or unknowingly harm those friends. My aim this year is to try to contact them, and maybe we can be good friends again, or maybe have some kind of closure.
I would also like to be better with birthdays. Remembering to call people at the very least. Maybe send some cards. Mail gifts to close friends and family. Im really truly horrible at birthdays. I just never seem to remember. Or I remember when the occasion has passed many days later. But this year I plan to be better at it.

My husbands predictions for 2009:
After March the international economy will be much better. If you invest in the stock market March through July you’ll make twice what you invested. India and Pakistan are threatening to fight each other but they wont do anything until March. Now is the time to buy a house. $1 million houses will sell for a meager $400,000.


Want to know something? I love designing and creating Deity outfits. But my only downfall is the follow through. I get bored with  project and I dont finish it and move on to something else without finishing the first project. But its in my mind! I havent forgotten about my yellow Deity dress with silver designs. Its a work in progress that I will post in a few days.

Things have been hectic. Stuff going on in the temple and I am in a helpless position. I got to hang out a little with my Guru Maharja while he was here, he looked really tired.

Lately I’ve been thinking about moving to Alachua. I know I was super against ever moving there before. But, I dunno, when my husband and I were there on Sunday, he looked totally happy. And, maybe I’ll be happy too. I dont know many people. Correction- I know lots of people, none of them know me. I might be lonely, but its a feeling I’ve had my whole life. Maybe while Im there I’ll actually get seva to do instead of getting pushed aside all the time. Maybe people will see that I am “Prema-Rupa Devi Dasi” and not “Wife of Jagannath Das”, that I am an individual, not to be categorized into a group of “how a good woman must behave”.

*sigh* here’s to chasing the perfect life.

Because Im crazy, thats why. And Ive decided to start blogging regularly again. And I had no idea people actually read this thing. I know, its like watching a car collide with a truck- devastating but you cant look away.

I’ve also decided that Im going to make this blog about everything in my life and not just about Krishna Consciousness. I have a lot going on and I would have to make far too many blogs to keep up. Im not using my LiveJournal account anymore, that was my old life, and this is my new one.

The biggest reason I am posting and not sleeping is because I would like to show off some tiggity-tight stuff I made for the temple Deities- Sri-Sri Nitai Gaura-natraj. First I will show off some neat fans I made for the turbans, I made four of each type:

they were fun and easy. I gotta say, of all the things I love about christmas- ribbon shopping is one of the best parts, you gets some gorgeous patters for ridiculously cheap. I bought these for my own Deities since January but I had so much left over I thought, “why not give some to the temple?” so I did. Well, I am. My favorite is the plaid one because, well, its plaid. Who doesnt love a plaid turban fan?

The next is a necklace I made. Its kinda small, which worries me. But as long as the Deities wear them, Im okay. Its quite gorgeous and it took a while to make:

To be honest, this pic doesnt do it justice. I’m too tired to find the camera so I snapped these pics with the Photobooth thingy on my Macbook. But its cute, I promise. If you’re interested in the pattern, I found it here. I made a bunch of other jewelry for the Deities, but they’re not so fancy. Maybe if I see them wearing one of my “creations” I take a pic and show y’all.

Okay. Im going to sleep (maybe). I gotta wake up early and start sewing some new outfits for my Deites. I keep going to Jo-Ann’s and buying expensive, fancy fabric because its 40% off. Krishna, I am such a sucker.

Edit: for the pattern I mentioned, she posts what she made but if you scroll down a bit she give a really nice, clear pattern.