I have received a number of requests about how I make Deity turbans so Im finally making a tutorial about it. Im not a professional, I never got any real training, but I do watch what others do and have received a few tips from my husband, who used to be a pujari in Chicago. So opinions and experiences may vary.

I think turban bases are important because it not only provides structure and stability to your turban but you have a lesser chance of pricking the Lord’s head with your pins and mukuts. Also, it gives you the ability to make your turban away from the altar, you can make the turban ahead of time or even entrust the responsibility with someone else while you do the Deity dressing. I definitely recommend making a turban base.

The fabric I like to use for the base is the home décor type because its thicker and stronger than other types of fabric. Just fold the fabric a few times and sew it horizontally to hold the fabric in place.


Before you go ripping up your couches or tearing your curtains, you can also use cotton fabric and line it with unrolled cotton balls.


After lining it, fold the fabric over and sew horizontal lines to hold the cotton and fabric in place. Feel free to make more layers until your desired thickness.


Oh, and don’t forget to measure your Deity’s head. We’re going to pretend this kalash is the size of your Deity’s head. Actually, when I used to make turbans for the Deities at our ISKCON center in Orlando, Their heads were the exact same size as a kalash, so while one pujari was dressing the Deities, I would be in the pujari room, each base on a kalash, wrapping turbans.


So just fold one side over the other side


And make sure the front makes an upside-down V shape, like this ^


You’ll probably have to start sewing by hand at this point. Sew the front of the base.

Now you fold the top like you wrap a gift. First stitch from the front of the turban to the back.


Fold the front and the back pieces of fabric, the front over the back. And stitch along the edges. Feel free to go over your stitches or stitch all over the place as many times as you want, you want it to stay strong!


Don’t feel bad if your base is kinda ugly, its just a base and it gets covered over anyway. Making a cloth base is great for big Deities and Jagannath, Baladev, Subhadra Deities (you wouldn’t make it for Subhadra of course).

If you have smaller Deities like I do, another base you can try is with a Styrofoam ball. I like to use Styrofoam because it hold the pins really well. The only downside is that you have to replace it every so often as it tends to get broken-up with use.


Just cut off the bottom, scrape out the insides to fit the head, and the outsides into the shape of a base.

I hope this tutorial was helpful! If you have any questions, leave me a comment, find me on facebook, email me, etc. In my next tutorial, I’ll show you how to wrap a basic turban.