So Kartik is coming up. I wanted to write about that but alas, I have no pictures from my Kartik in Mayapur last year. It’s not that I didnt take pictures. Its that I took pictures, felt that they were too dark, erased the pictures and decided to try again later which never happened. So I’m pictureless. :/

But we can use our imaginations. All the lights are off in the temple, and the altar is dimly lit by candles.

Ooohhh! I found a video from last year!
God, I miss those days. It was nice going to the temple in the evenings, getting my little ghee lamp and making my rounds to offer my little lamp to all the Deities amongst the hundreds of other devotees. And every night there is an amazing singer leading Damodarastakam and everyone dances and dances when he sings the mahamantra. Its like this for about a month and when its over, you feel like something is missing in the evenings. Dressing up and seeing all your friends. I used to sit near the stairs in Panchatattva’s hall, the stairs that lead up the extension hall, this is before they made that wooden cover thingy so that they have a place to put stuff for class, and then people started using it to keep their purses or backpacks.

Anyway, I used to sit there, and just people watch. I like doing that sometimes. Actually, I did that every night. I really liked that area in Panchatattva’s temple room. Probably because its the least crowded and I could meditate on Panchatattva while I chant and watch people come in and out. Lots of different kinds of people, from every part of India and many parts of the world. New devotees, old devotees, walk through those doors in Panchatattva’s temple room. Fabulous devotees, simple devotees, everyone comes to offer their little ghee lamp hearts to Damodara.

I dont know how I’ll adapt to Damodara Masa here in the states. Regardless, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Maybe I should observe some kind of vrata.

I should give up sweets. Or maybe not.