June 2009

But I felt really sad when I heard Micheal Jackson died. Not like, “Oh no! The King of Pop died! How can I carry on with my life?!” No, I just felt really sorry. It just shows you how you can have everything in the world- influence, money even being charitable, but none of it matters if you have no peace of mind. People always talk about “Oh if only I had a million dollars…” but this man had millions of dollars, and it meant nothing for his peace of mind.

You can see that he tried giving the money away, building this and that, but it landed him in more trouble. Even with all his money and his sweet dance moves, his life was just…pathetic. He was just not happy. I wish everyone can learn from his life that money doesnt bring happiness, neither does fame, charitableness, or the moonwalk. Peace of mind, whether you are living in a billion dollar mansion or under the I-4 bridge, is the most valuable object a person can posses.

Sad. Very very sad.


Ok, eariler I was looking for a section from Caitanya Caritamrta about devotees fighting with each other and it had mysteriously disappeared. Recently I found it! But not in Caitanya Caritamrta, it was in the Nityananda Caritamrta- close but no burfi, hehe.

Its at the very end of Adi-lila:

Vaisnavas are always pure and full of knowledge. So, if there is ever any quarrel between them, know it simply to be part of their pastime. If a person takes the side of one Vaisnava and criticises another, then certainly he is vanquished.

for some reason I thought there was more to it than this. But anyway, good passage to keep in mind when you see devotees fighting.

The Panihati Festival in Atlanta is coming up this weekend and Im so excited to go! I love going to New Panihati Dham, there is always so much service, I love it. The last time I went to the Panihati Festival, I was so engaged- washing pots in the kitchen, cutting vegetables for the auction pots. It was fun watching Jayapataka Maharaj walk around and chat with all of us, it was a very intimate service, I felt very fortunate to do it. I think it will be just as fun this year and I think more people would come this year than in previous ones.

Ooh, I just read that Malati Prabhu, Bhakti Sundar Maharaj and Radhanath Maharaj are going to be there in addition to Jayapataka Maharaj and Pankajanghari Prabhu. This festival is going to be awesome!!! There are going to be so many devotees, Im going with my best friends, and the Atlanta temple is so close to Srila Prabhuapda, this festival is definitely going to be a blast.

I might try to update while Im at the festival, it depends on whether or not the motel we are staying at has internet.

So who is going?!