…but my Deities are gorgeous. Here, I shall bombard you with pictures now.





My Radha Madanamohan are so merciful. I am so fallen and lowly, but still They take so much mercy on me. What did I do to deserve someone as sweet as Them? I’ve seen a lot of Deities in my lifetime, but somehow not like Them. They reciprocate like I have never seen before with anyone. Why are They so kind? Why are They so different from the others? My Madanamohan is a prankster, He likes to play lots of tricks. And Radharani is sooo beautiful, but She gets very jealous when I turn my attention away from Their service. Which is good because it keeps me on track. How did I get so much Mercy…

The sting of not being able to serve Sri-Sri Nitai Gauranataraj anymore is still there. It hurt really badly last Wednesday when I didnt go, but not as badly as Sunday when I saw Them. I love all the little things I used to do for Them. I miss serving Them more than anyone could possibly imagine. But because of me, offense was committed- and I cannot forgive myself. Somehow around Them I cannot help myself, I forget myself. Maybe its Their long, lotus eyes. Their curly locks of black hair. The sweet little smile on Their red lips. I am a fool for that smile. To see Their dancing bodies I could wake up every day for mangala-arati. But serving Them made me neglect everything else, my home, my husband, even eating and sleeping- and it shouldnt be that way. At least, not yet.

Wow, this turned into a depressing post super fast. Ok, think of something else…

INDIA! My husband and I are making a trip to India in August! We are so excited! This will be my first trip ever to India. My husband is so nervous, he doesnt know if I will like it or not but I so know I will. I’ll be there for two months (beginning of August to the end of September). And we’ll be there for these festivals: Jhulan Yatra (which reminds me- must start make green outfit for Deities), Lord Balaram’s Appearance Day, Krishna Janamastami, Srila Prabhupada’s Appearance Day, Radhastami (another outfit for the Deities), Guru Maharaj’s Vyasa Puja, Vamana Dvadasi and Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura Appearance Day. There are definitely more holy days but I dont remember them all now. Im so excited! Please pray that my husband and I make it and can absorb as much Mercy as we possibly can!! I was thinking that video blogging is an order for this trip. My problem is that I get so busy just enjoying the atmosphere I forget to take pictures or video. But I’ll do my best. Will keep you all posted as the trip gets closer.