Im the worst ghee wick roller in the world. Its never tight enough and the wick part of the ghee wick isnt long or thick enough. I dont know why I derided the wick rolling for so long, its really really hard. Bleh, anyway.

I went to the temple for morning program. There is something so special about going to the temple in the morning, I can’t put my finger on it but Im always touched by the intimacy between myself and the Deities. Its an amazing feeling.

HH Danavir Maharaj gave Srimad Bhagavatam class this morning about the Appearance of Sukadev Goswami. They were describing his bodily features and how he was recieved by all the sages in the assembly (1.19.26-29). We dicussed the significance of the marks on a persons body that defines them as being auspicious. It was pretty neat. He also said that since we are all eternal there are no “old souls”. It doesnt matter how old a devotee is, but their realization in Krishna Consciousness. Just like Sukadev Goswami was only 16 years old but speaking in front of such a large assembly of devotees. Thats not to say that we dont give respect to our seniors, of course we do out of social courtesy, but that doesnt mean that they are knowledgeable about Krishna. Maharaj gave a very nice example (I really appreciate Maharaj’s examples to explain the various topics about Krishna, its very helpful to simple minded folks like myself) that if you are on an airplane, you would give an elderly person your seat but you would never ask them to fly the plane. Pretty neat, eh?

Ok, Im done blogging I have to get back to *sigh* rolling ghee wicks.