March 2009

Im the worst ghee wick roller in the world. Its never tight enough and the wick part of the ghee wick isnt long or thick enough. I dont know why I derided the wick rolling for so long, its really really hard. Bleh, anyway.

I went to the temple for morning program. There is something so special about going to the temple in the morning, I can’t put my finger on it but Im always touched by the intimacy between myself and the Deities. Its an amazing feeling.

HH Danavir Maharaj gave Srimad Bhagavatam class this morning about the Appearance of Sukadev Goswami. They were describing his bodily features and how he was recieved by all the sages in the assembly (1.19.26-29). We dicussed the significance of the marks onĀ a persons body that definesĀ them as being auspicious. It was pretty neat. He also said that since we are all eternal there are no “old souls”. It doesnt matter how old a devotee is, but their realization in Krishna Consciousness. Just like Sukadev Goswami was only 16 years old but speaking in front of such a large assembly of devotees. Thats not to say that we dont give respect to our seniors, of course we do out of social courtesy, but that doesnt mean that they are knowledgeable about Krishna. Maharaj gave a very nice example (I really appreciate Maharaj’s examples to explain the various topics about Krishna, its very helpful to simple minded folks like myself) that if you are on an airplane, you would give an elderly person your seat but you would never ask them to fly the plane. Pretty neat, eh?

Ok, Im done blogging I have to get back to *sigh* rolling ghee wicks.


(speaking aside to non-existent person in my head) what do you mean I’m on Planet ISKCON?….but PI is full of intelligent, talented devotees with something to offer to the Vaisnava community- all I do write down rambling insane thoughts…What if they find out my deep dark secrets like I think carob tastes disgusting, or that sometimes during kirtan I pretend Im a rock star…What? What do you mean they can read everything Im writing right now?! Oh..

*ahem* Hare Krishna! Thank you for having me on Planet ISKCON! I dont know if I have anything of value to say, but, maybe you’ll find a couple gold nuggets in this otherwise muddy water. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Prema-Rupa Devi Dasi. I am an insignificant disciple of HH Bhakti Caru Swami.


My husbands name is Jagannath Krishna Das. He’s the best singer ever. And a very loving and forgiving husband who kindly tolerates all my shortcomings.


I live in Orlando, Florida. We are so fortunate to have the association of not one, but two sannyasis- HH Trivikrama Swami


and HH Danavir Swami.


Our temple is really nice, and full of enthusiastic and inspiring devotees. The Deities we have here are Sri Sri Nitai Gaura-Nataraj. Maybe Im speaking out of pride, but they are the most beautiful Gaura-Nitai Deities ever. And so merciful!


This is a picture of my home Deities, Sri Sri Radha Madanamohana- who kindly tolerate all my offenses.


And…thats pretty much it…Well, there’s more, I have friends and family and back-stories and all that jazz but that will come with time. I hope that now that Im on Planet ISKCON I’ll be inspired to share more with others, no promises, but we’ll see.

Hmm…what else…I should say something….inspiring…….ok here goes…

Ugh, for the last hour Ive been trying to find something that I read recently in Caitanya Caritamrta about how when devotees fight it shouldnt be taken seriously. Im looking everywhere and I cant find it! Did my mind just make the whole thing up?! I’m going back and forth through the whole thing and I dont see it. So frustrating. Well, here’s another section that I like to keep in mind and heart. Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya’s son-in-law, Amogha, used to criticize everyone and after criticizing Lord Caitanya, the Bhattacharya disowned him and then Amogha came down with cholera. Lord Caitanya was so merciful, he visited Amogha, placed his hands on Amogha’s chest, which cured him of his cholera, and he said this:

The heart of a bramhana is by nature very clean, and thus it is a proper place for Lord Krishna to sit. Why have you allowed jealousy to sit there, for by doing so you have contaminated a most purified place, and become like a chandala, the lowest of men?

Something intense to think about.