Im trying to lose weight. It really really really really sucks. I mean, I have to lose about 85 pounds. Its really hard. I havent been trying very hard these last couple weeks but I am getting back on track as of my weigh-in tomorrow. My aim is to lose all 100 pounds. The hardest thing isnt eating appropriately. Thats easy with all the fat-free and low-fat stuff thats out there these days. The hardest part is exercising. Im really really lazy and I dont like to do anything that involves…anything. 

What Im going to try to do is post how much exercise I did on facebook. Hopefully I can stay accountable. But I need some kind of weekly incentive. I cant think of anything though. There isnt anything that I want super badly. Maybe I can buy something at Jo-Ann fabrics every week. I dunno, I cant think of anything. BRB.