More or less stressful day at work. Occasionally something funny happens. I saw someone had the last name “Nigro” and it made me laugh. What if their first name was “Ida”? Ida Nigro…now THATS comedy! I dont think that was their first name though.

I convinced one of the Pharm. Techs that a customers name was “Fella’ McGuy”. That made me laugh when she put his name in the computer and it didnt come up (obviously). I think his name was Charles or something.

I keep seeing people around my age with children. And it makes me realize that I’m getting older. And everything is changing. Like one day they’re swinging singles, the next day they’re Mom’s and Dads. Some people I remember from elementary school and now they’re on their second kid. And then I wondered if this is how old people feel when they see their friends and family die one-by-one. Like they wake up one day and everyone is gone and they’re like “holy crap, Im old”. There’s an old lady that comes to my pharmacy, she’s 94 and wishes she was dead because everyone she knows is dead and she lives all alone and someone stole her credit card or something and thats how they stole her identity and she had a really hard time with that and she wishes she was dead.

And that was my day. Sort of.