My husband and I tend to have creative differences when it comes to singing. We argue a lot. But most of them are about singing- which then leads to an argument about women’s rights- and then I end up crying and wondering why me. But thats a whole other story.

I have a hypothesis about singers. They come in two varieties. There are people who like to sing. And there are are people who like to hear themselves sing.

People who like to sing usually arent terribly good singers. They arent bad, they just arent very good. Maybe just good. Pretty good at best. They sing whatever they feel like singing, even if it doesnt suit their voice. Maybe the song is too high, too low, too feminine, too masculine, too fast, too slow- it doesnt matter, its whatever is stirring in their heart.

People who like to hear themselves sing are generally really good singers, they will sing anything that makes them sound good, even if its the same tune that they’ve been singing for the last 10 years. They ususally dont hand the microphone over to other people unless those others are really good singers too or they have to give it to another person out of respect (like the temple president or a senior devotee).

Its not that one is worse or better than the other. In general people find both types of singers pretty nice to listen to. But from my experience, these two types cant seem to get along. And its not just me and my husband. I’ve seen it so many times with lots of people. Anyway, this is just a hypothesis I came up with about a week ago.

I really just wish my husband and I can get along.

Now, for your listening pleasure and mine, I have my husbands kirtan from  after the Sunday program available as a download! Happy listening!

Jagannath Krishna Das leading kirtan