This year my resolution is communicate more with people. Last year I wasnt so good at staying in touch, didnt return phone calls (or make ’em), didnt post very much on my blog(s). But this year I will try to be different. I started by opening a new Facebook account. I was never really into Facebook or Myspace. I tried to get into Myspace but I really just cant. But I do find Facebook tolerable. So feel free to add me, just search by my initiated name and add me as a friend.

Every now and then I have dreams about people I used to talk to but I dont anymore, usually due to misunderstandings that I had with them but I’m over now. I really miss those people and I felt like I was really close with them but am not anymore, which explains the dreaming. I feel a lot of remorse for anything I did to knowingly or unknowingly harm those friends. My aim this year is to try to contact them, and maybe we can be good friends again, or maybe have some kind of closure.
I would also like to be better with birthdays. Remembering to call people at the very least. Maybe send some cards. Mail gifts to close friends and family. Im really truly horrible at birthdays. I just never seem to remember. Or I remember when the occasion has passed many days later. But this year I plan to be better at it.

My husbands predictions for 2009:
After March the international economy will be much better. If you invest in the stock market March through July you’ll make twice what you invested. India and Pakistan are threatening to fight each other but they wont do anything until March. Now is the time to buy a house. $1 million houses will sell for a meager $400,000.