No pics yet of my finished stuff but I will post the links to the patterns. I should be done with a set of necklaces tomorrow and another set the following day

I wanted to post about Sunday program and supplement it with pics but I suck at taking pictures. Its not that Im a bad picture-taker (edit: duh, they’re called photographers) but, how do I say this- there are people who take pictures of kirtan and people who participate in kirtan, I choose to participate.

So the ones Im working on for next week is black with green stones and green with black stones. It should be pretty neat and hopefully it will match the outfits pretty well. The pattern can be found here. The other one I have been working on these last couple weeks can be found here. Originally I had been given about 26 saffron colored beads and I wasnt sure what to do with it, this, though time consuming, gives a very beautiful end result. Cant wait to post it.

All I ever talk about are Deities and Guru Maharaj. I need to get a life.