I recently became a citizen a few months ago and Im debating whether or not I should vote. For some people the answer is a no-brainer. For me, I need to muster up as much brain as possible. First, do devotees vote? Im not sure since we dont care much for politics, unless those politics involve closing down slaughterhouse. Otherwise pretty much every candidate is the same.

But then, I am a citizen, and this is my first vote, shouldnt I just do it because it is my civil duty? On the other hand can I really give my allegiance to a particular party?

Everyone says every vote counts- but it only counts if you vote for a Democrat or a Republican. But isnt voting about who you think would make the best president not who is the least bad? Like, what if I wanted to vote for Trivikrama Maharaj? He would make a good president. Is that just throwing a vote away?

And then does my vote REALLY matter? After all, in America its all electoral, a person can win the populous vote but by state it could be someone else. And it depends on the elector, for example, if one state votes more democrat than republican the elector of that state has the right to say the state is republican even though its not. At least thats what they told me in my US Government class. At least, I think thats what they told me. This is so hard!

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