Okay, For about two days I was writing a post about maintaining integrity through protecting women. But it didnt make much sense and I deleted it. Hopefully it will manifest itself later.

I had this idea. I think I have told a couple people about it but not everyone. As you know, I have a Youtube addiction. One day I wondered if there were any introductory videos about Krishna Consciousness. Just because so many people watch youtube it would be a great way to preach. After searching for a couple days I realized that Krishna Conscious videos can be grouped into four videos:

-Ratha Yatra (and other festivals)
-Devotees doing their thing (kirtan, sankirtan, class etc.)
-Creepy Ritvik people (which isnt Krishna Conscious really but there’s just so much of it)
-Devotee’s being silly (Did anyone know there is an Ekadasi rap?)

There was one guy who talked about vegetarianism. There werent many statistics and things like that but just stuff to think about. It got featured on youtube and got about 20,000 views. Can you believe that? You can check out BenLoka’s video here

So my little brain got thinking, “why isnt there any KC intro videos up there? Why do we keep posting videos of Ratha Yatras and pixelly kirtans when we could be posting about the soul? Karma? Krishna? Reincarnation?”

So Im going to start making KC videos. Whats keeping me right now is that I would like to get permission from Guru Maharaj first. Get his blessings, you know? I already have a plan and a pile of ideas to present to him to prove that Im serious about this. Anyway, I could go for some feedback, drop me a comment and let me know what you think.