Today I went to Sunday program and the Deites were very beautiful, Im super happy they finally get a turban and I think everyone loved it. Jaya.

Today as also the first time after many many months I had a chance to listen to class instead of doing Sunday School. Trivikrama Maharaj gave a nice class on Bhagavad-Gita 18.55. He spoke about Mayavadi philosophy and about how everyone wants to become happy. He also gave a cool pastime about Srila Prabhupada. I feel really grateful that Orlando is his base.

Sunday Program was awesome, I wish my husband was there though (he had to work today). Everyone always asks for him. It makes me feel really insignificant but I dont really care anymore. I am insignificant, but if I keep chanting, reading and surrendering to Krishna and Guru Maharaj I can one day become very significant. I dont mean and independent look-at-me-im-so-famous kind of significance. But we only become significant when we become servants of Krishna right? So even if Im scrubbing the bathroom floors at the temple, if I am surrendered to Krishna, it is significant. Otherwise, if I do something for my own ego- it is insignificant.

Why? Um. Think about you. Now think about all the people you know. Now think about all the people that live in your city, then your state, then country then the world. Then imagine millions of worlds with approximately the same populations. Suddenly, scrubbing the bathroom doesnt seem like such a big deal. Now think about it as a service to Krishna.

To further explain (like Im making any sense anyway), lets say I make breakfast, but only for myself. It is insignificant, usually when i cook for myself its pretty terrible, I eat it just to satisfy my hunger. But if I make breakfast for my husband he thinks “my wife is the best wife in the whole world”. Just for a little breakfast! I become so significant to him and so I feel significant. I think that analogy makes a lot more sense.

So that is a small realization. We should become significant.