I love shopping. Especially when its for Krishna. Somehow, i cant bring myself to shop for myself. Its always either my husband or my Deities. I wll get arround to posting some pics when I have time.

Yesterday I bought some rhinestones of different colors to attempt making my own mukuts. Which I know is a daunting task. Mukut making. But I dont live in India, and here in America, everything is completely overpriced. So I make my own stuff, Deity clothes, jewelry, fans, mukuts and just random other stuff that I think will enhance their prettyfullness.

I also have a Laddhugopal but Im not ready to worship him yet, as it is, Radha Madana-Mohan keep me on my toes. I love serving my Deities. They make me giggle.

What ive been trying to become expert with these days is Krishna’s turban. It takes me hours to make it. Somehow, it just never looks right and then I get frustrated, stick a crown with a peacock feather in it on his head and call it a day. Its not always like that, but sometimes it is. And I dont like it. Its just difficult because our Deities are kinda small.

Today I went to a devotee’s to show them how to make turbans for their Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra Deities. We had our doubts at first when I was making the base, but the final product, no one could believe my friend and I had made it. It was gorgeous! A yellow turban with a red fan with silver trim, two aqua colored fans with a gold and red trim, a cool ribbon fan that fades from pink to purple, a big red brooch stuck in the middle with four gold bead necklaces hanging off the sides, finished with peacock feathers. Its gorgeous, I love it. If I can figure out a way, I will post it on here. I hope they keep it up, they can always call me over and I would be glad to help them out on Saturdays with Deity stuff. I think they were surprised that I know how to do this kind of stuff. Mostly because at the temple I act like an idiot basically. But I take my spiritual and devotional life very seriously if you know me.

Today was fun, and I feel purified by their association. Jaya.